What to know before buying a PC game?

If you are new gamers or want to try out PC games, then here are a few tips. There are certain things you should consider before committing to buying a PC game:

System Requirements

Some of the newer games are heavy on the graphics and processing power required. Before buying a PC game, you should check your computer specifications and see if they meet the minimum system requirements to play the game. If they don't, or they barely reach them, you should consider upgrading your PC or investing in a new one to have better gaming experience. You should check on your graphics card, RAM, hard drive, and a central processing unit.


The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) decides the age and content restraint of video games. We can't recommend what games you should play if you are not an adult. Parents should decide what games their children are okay to play.

Demo version

If you aren't sure if you want to spend money one the game or haven't played it and want to see what is it about, you can try out a demo. The demo version is available on the developer's websites.


PC Games are divided into categories. The most common groups are action, adventure, puzzle, children, sports, simulation, role-playing, and strategy. Some games fit into two or more classes at the same time. For example, League of Legends is an action-strategy type, and Tomb Raider is an action-adventure game. There are many more examples.


It's essential to make sure you're not buying an upgrade to a previous version of the game. Some games require the earlier version of the game to be already installed on the PC to play the update.


Unfortunately, software piracy is a common problem in the computer gaming industry. You shouldn't consider it because you may not be able to play with friends online or not receive updates of the game. Users who let their games be pirated also face the consequences. If they share their ID or the serial number of the game, they may not be able to play online. Piracy is illegal in some countries, too, so be careful and support your favorite game's developers by buying their product.


This type of game allows you to play with only a few friends (2-20). In them, you are most commonly required to either shoot/kill other players or develop a character by fighting online monsters known as “mobs.” These types of games are usually quick and don't require thousands of hours of gameplay.

Mass multiplayer

Massively-multiplayer games are an excellent choice for old and new gamers. In these types of games, you play along with millions of players around the world. You develop your character, their skills, and fight monsters and other players. They are fun and engaging, and sometimes you can play them for years. They sometimes require a monthly fee, to help maintain your account and the gaming servers.